Last Man Standing Ranch, LLC

Last Man Standing Ranch, LLC

These bloodlines have withstood the test of Time

About Us

Last Man Standing Ranch, LLC breeds the tried, tested and true Steel Dust bloodlines that our Great-Grandfather, Zack Miller Sr. from Texas, sought and cherished in the 1870’s, 1880s and beyond.  Those bloodlines proved themselves over and over during his time in ranching, racing, fighting, stability, temperament and durability.  Our Great-Grandfather, and his father before him (William Jasper Miller), went to great lengths to find the best Steel Dust horses of their day and breed them for the above qualities.  It meant their livelihood, and sometimes ... their lives. And so, along with some fantastic more modern, championship blood, several lines of our horses come directly from our grandfather’s herd.

Although not 100% Steel Dust or 100% Foundation bloodlines, we feel the percentages and crosses have made an excellent line of intelligent, gentle and hard working horse with the ability to withstand mental, as well as physical, stress.  This line will excel in the arena or on the ranch.

Our amazingly athletic and extremely cowy Quarter Horse stallion
now stands at public stud

Millers Texas Twister

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We also stand an Arabian stallion that is not only very cowy himself,
but SIRES outstanding cow sense as well.
Our elegant and breathtaking
Arabian stallion

Comar Gai Rifraff

Whatever your taste, whatever your discipline,
our stallions can fill your tall order.

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